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It's Been Almost A Week Since We Left California!

4:35am - All packed up ready to hit the road. This is the last time we are going to see the sun rise from this side of town for awhile.

We could have taken the faster route to AZ on the I-10 instead we drove down the I-40 to catch Route 66.

What is a road trip without an awesome head shot of the famous Route 66 with our Project K.O.D bus.

FYI: The road is a bit rough and bouncy so be prepared to get your teeth shaken.

The drive leaving California was long and hot. We caught Lisa daydreaming. Maybe about an iced cold boba drink or her air conditioned room?

Look in the mirror once in a while and ask yourself if you are living the life you are truly meant to live. Keep your dreams alive and just make things happen.

Arizona the Grand Canyon State welcomes us.

The younger and sleeker cousin ( Winnebago Spirit ) parked right next to us, made us feel bit old.

Stopped for a hamburger and milkshake at Mr. D'z, for an all American diner experience at Kingman, AZ.

Next door was Dunton Motors Dream Machine, displaying some classic American Hot Rods. If you are a big fan of big muscles and unique collections of hot wheels, this place is it.

Kingman, AZ is located in a natural basin, surrounded by basaltic hills and was established because of the railroad.

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