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Project Keep
On Dreaming

Who We Are

Welcome to Project Keep On Dreaming. Back in April 2017, we quit our 9 to 5, bought a 28 passenger shuttle bus and converted it to a tiny living space. What started out as an idea has turned into a reality. So far, we've travel to over 40 states and driven over 18,000 miles around the United States and we met amazing people on the road. We strive to live a fulfilled and meaningful life connecting with people around the world and we hope to inspire others by sharing our journey. We have tons of adventures and photos to share here. Join our bus adventure, explore the site and connect with us.

Meet The Dreamers

The People Behind the Scenes


Derek W


Lisa B


What's On The Road

Check out the places and peoples we have visited.

Where Are We Now?

Check in with us from time to time to see where we are heading. Our internet access is limited so we might be slow on updating. Follow us on Instagram - @projectkod or go to our Facebook page. Both links are located at the bottom of this page. See you on the road!


Travel Video

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