Rob & Kate were a friendly local from Little Rock. They introduced their friend Savanah who offered us a cozy stay in New Orlean near Bourbon Street.

Rob & Kate met us while we were riding our motorcycle exploring downtown Little Rock, AR.

Airy & Gram spotted us behind their campsite in Laramie, WY. These nice couple tagged us on Facebook, so we walked over and introduce ourselves.

Airy & Gram are currently stationed in Laramie, WY waiting to get their RV road worthy so they can travel more. We heard great stories from them about their journey across from east coast. Good luck and best wishes to them.

They own a sport VW GTI and a weekend beater Subaru when they go camping. What a great combo to travel!

Memo and his brother-in-law Russ took us on an epic hike in Horsetooth Mountain.

David & Braxton - Barbershop talk

Braxton is a barber at Legends Motorcycle - The Refinery Barbershop. Great dude who was a fellow foodie, he gave us pointers to Salt Lake City & neighboring Cities. His goal in the next few years is to start his own barbershop in Salt Lake City.

David who was a Michigan native moved to Salt Lake area to attend barber school and he's loving it. His dream is to move to California to start his barbering & cosmetology career.

@betterunderthestars next to @projectkod

We met Austin back in Utah on our way to Zion. , A 1969 Morris Minor converted to a home on wheels. He turn his passion into his reality. He spent nearly 300 hours painting this masterpiece, on top of that he built it to live off grid so he can go see the world.

Memo was one of the welcoming person we've met throughout this trip. He took us in on a whim after hearing about our travels. Hope we'll see him when he visits California.

John & Patty

John & Patty heading out from the wind storm at Lone Rock Beach

Justin & Jessica

Justin, Jessica & their converted shuttle bus: Buslife Couple from New Jersey traveling across country

John & us

John sent us best wishes in our journey as he was a bus traveler before he settled in Page, AZ

John - Page, AZ local who was friendly enough to share his stories. John's bus life in his younger days when he met his late wife who was also traveling in a bus with their parents in Georgia. Before John settled down he also traveled around for 10 years in his bus.

Memo was one of the most welcoming person we met so far. He took us in on a whim after hearing about our travels. Hope we'll see him when he visits California.

Forget the name of this traveler but we dig his bike. This dude flew from North Dakota to Los Angeles to pick up this motorcycle. He shared his love of motorcycles with projectkod as he stopped by Salt Flat for a quick break.