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As we mentioned in the introduction page, we strive to live a fulfill life. Either by experiencing different culture, foods, environment and especially people. We learned that, by sharing stories and dreams brings us joy and excitement to our lives. On this page, we will share projects from contributors who want to make a difference in their communities. 




Feby Boediarto


Material Home | Immaterial You

This is a passion project that investigates the intersection of material space we call “home” and the immaterial self. The topic of the project is to find cross sections between the larger physical structures of what we define home and the non-physical, indefinite parts that make up who you are. The project is to highlight stories from people of color and communities of color  sharing the meaning of home to enrich the discourse of environmentalism.


Environmentalism - I often think about what keeps me rooted in my passion for studying our environment. What is it about environmentalism that keeps me engaged and curious? To me, environmentalism is defined by a personal connection- an attachment to a physical place. It is definite that our home, the environment we are in- shapes who we are - but how it shapes us is not so definite.  Mainstream environmentalism is focused on economy, technology in the framework of capitalism. This project approaches to shift mainstream environmental conversations away from technocratic, capitalistic intentions and toward grassroots, people-centered movements.  

Artist Danh Vo “juggle” the idea of home in his art exhibit in Guggenheim in New York.
The quote encapsulates


“self is plural and inherently fluid, yet decisively shaped by larger power structures.”

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